About Us

Welcome to Wellers Auctions Ltd, a diverse auction house based in the center of Guildford, Surrey. Wellers is known for its diverse auctions each week, with an astounding five thousand lots on average passing under the hammer every single week, however; you’re probably thinking seen as you are on our ‘About Us’ page, where did it all begin…?

Historically Wellers has been linked to the famous Surrey livestock auction markets of Guildford and Farnham since the 1970’s & 1980’s. Over the year’s there was a slow introduction of machinery and furniture auctions at the Guildford Cattle Market which started to demonstrate our ability of being able to sell more than just livestock. Following several corporate takeovers, the failing of the British livestock industry in the 90’s and the redevelopment of Guildford Cattle Market in 2000, then Managing Directors, Glen Snelgar and Chris Sykes relocated the non livestock business to Chertsey with a new strategic objective of developing the General, Antique and Plant & Machinery Auctions.

In the period 2000-2014, Wellers built up a thriving business at its Guildford Street premises in Chertsey and at one time employed 65 staff. The underlying success story at Chertsey was always the growth of the Tuesday General Auctions which specialised in warehouse retail returns, lost property and refurbished electrical products. At the same time Wellers also built up a very successful jewellery business based at our Guildford saleroom, of fine jewellery, paintings and various antiques as well as taking un-redeemed pledges from two of the UK’s largest pawnbrokers. There were also up to eleven off-site architectural auctions in a single year, of which were not only successful for Wellers, but for our clients also with some incredible sale totals in 2011.

In 2015 Wellers disposed of its premises in Chertsey and re-focussed its business away from the traditional physical auction in favour of timed auctions at a new premises in Milton Keynes. This; however, proved not to be a great success and in 2016 the business moved the main operation of its general auctions to Guildford, whilst also acquiring the agricultural business of Jacobs & Hunt at West Meon where Wellers now holds a minimum of three off-site farm auctions in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months throughout the year, which sees a good turn out of nearly 500 people at each auction.

The business has now returned to its traditional roots with a regular offering of up to 5 physical auctions every Monday at our Guildford saleroom and agricultural sales at West Meon. There is however still a role for new technology and each of the 5 auctions held at our Guildford saleroom on a Monday are contemporaneously supported by up to two separate on-line auction portals which enable those at home to participate in what still remains an exciting and engaging method of selling. Specialist on-site auctions continue to be arranged on client premises throughout the country and in recent years Wellers has developed its expertise to hold remote sales of architectural salvage. In April 2019, Wellers undertook its biggest challenge yet in this market, succeeding in making almost £200,000 in a closing down sale for Fagins Antiques down in Exeter where there were a thousand lots over a 3 day period. We held four off-site architectural auctions in 2019 and we are looking to build upon this going into 2020.

Our key staff maintain the auctioneering skills and management expertise to sell “anything, anywhere, anytime” which has always been our ethos since the very beginning and is rooted into everything we do. We pride ourselves on our professional expertise, integrity and our skilled auctioneer’s ability to sell many thousands of lots per week whilst securing the highest prices for our clients. We pride ourselves on being open and having a good relationship with our customers as well as our clients.